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- Screwdriving bit.

- Made of quality S2 alloy steel.

- Hard, sturdy, and durable.

- Double end bit for higher versatility.

- Standard PH2 head bit.

- Strong magnetic tip for hold screws firmly.

- Fits most corded and cordless driver tools.


- Brand: Bosi Tools 
- Color: Silver
- Saw Blade Diameter: 7inch / 180mm
- Number of Teeth: 40T / 60T
- Number in Package : 1pc
- Power Tool Accessory Type : Circular Saw Blade
- Length from center : 8cm


> Hole Saw Cutter before in use, be sure to grasp reasonable, choice, control, tachometer and continuously added to the cooling fluid, in order to prevent edge cracking, such as high-speed gun drill used in the operation should control switch, so opening and closing to minimize its speed, widely used in conjunction with various types of drill hole drilling on the bench.

> Opening iron than 5mm, the first open about 1mm deep, and then locate the drill along kerf through a hole drilled through it easier to discharge iron filings.

> The cutting quality depends on the correct speed and the coolant used

> Variable-tooth pitch for fast, precise cutting in sheet metal

> Saws for fast cutting on metal sheets

> Depth stop prevents breakthrough to protect the work surface

> The depth is able to prevent damage to protect the surface of the workplace strength


- Forged with CHROME VANADIUM ALLOY STEEL more durable then normal wrench.
- 2 way T-handle features two drive ends: both top & bottom.
- Ball point feature provides greater strength & enable all angle operation.
- Attractive color for easy recognition.
- Superior useful / function: To open, lock a bolt in the shape of his head.
- Made of high carbon steel - Sturdy, resistant to high forces, not prone to breakage or damage.
- Meticulous, meticulous machining for high precision.
- Has a short or long head length for different applications.
- Specially designed T with plastic wrap for easy and comfortable grip.
- Resistance to corrosion, does not rust.


- Forged with CHROME VANADIUM ALLOY STEEL more durable then normal wrench.
- The head is heat treatment.
- T Shaped Hexagonal Socket Wrench Tool.
- Hexagon profile for increased area for more powerful clamping and increased strength.
- Anti-slip grip can help by creating a firm grip on the handles and egronomic to hold.
- Specific bending and unblocking: possibility to pass a threaded rod or a spindle without harming the resistance of the key.
- Deep punching in the bushings: possible clamping even if the threaded rod is exceeded.
-  16mm, 19mm.


- The main body is made of high-intensity aluminium alloy micro diecast

- Handle and head use high elasticity TPR soft rubber package plastic

- The middle joint thickens steel tube

- Adjustable hacksaw frame

- Strong locked set

- One cutting blade free

  • Material: Carbon Steel

  • Model: BS289516

  • Full length: 150 (mm)

  • Width: 6(mm)

  • Pitch: 24T(mm)

  • Thickness: 0.4 (mm)

  • Number of teeth: 24 (tooth)